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The Story Behind Our Name

Many people have asked us how we chose the name Fun Coast Bartending. The answer lies partiallyy in our area code.

In order to lure travelers to their beaches, Florida Chambers Of Commerce have long attempted to give catchy names to their main tourist attraction and our little piece of coastline is no exception.   Space Coast, Treasure Coast, First Coast, Gold Coast, Emerald Coast.   Most visitors or potential visitors can rattle off at least two of these (even though these nicknames aren’t always acknowledged by locals).

Fun Coast Bartending was born in Flagler Beach, Florida just a

short drive up the coast from Daytona Beach a.k.a. the “World’s

Most Famous Beach”.   Volusia & Flagler counties were

collectively marketed as the “Surf Coast” back in the 1970s.

Over time, “Surf Coast” fell out of fashion and the area was

just referred to as the “Halifax Area” (referring to the

Halifax River).   In the 1990s, promoters began pushing to

label the area “Florida’s Fun Coast”.  At the time, the local

area shared the 904 area code with Jacksonville & St. Augustine.


When it came time to add an area code because of the growing

population, the Daytona Beach Chamber Of Commerce lobbied to claim “386” as the new area code.   The movement was successful and, in 1999, our area code changed.  The easiest way to remember the new code?  386 spelled FUN on a touchtone keypad! 

Our founder, Mark, was in the hotel business then and always thought it was a clever marketing tool as well as an easy way to help people remember.  Of course, some of his peers were quick to point out that 386 also spelled DUM.

Having embraced the Fun Coast moniker for the area, when it came time to name the company Mark selected Fun Coast Bartending.   Not only did it identify the region in which the company was based, but it also had FUN in the title.  Who doesn’t want a fun bartender at their event?

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